I have been a gamer since I was 16 years old and have gamed in many systems with many different gamers. I love the Convention circuit as a chance to meet new gamers and play new games. At one such convention I stumbled upon a game called Fiasco and instantly was hooked! I now GM Fiasco games at conventions with always fun, crazy results!  This game is highly flexible and can be run with child friendly or adult themes and with almost any setting or back drop. It is role playing intensive and is more of a story telling event where the players write the story as it is played giving them complete control over its content and events. This usually ends up with lots of zany hilarity and fun by all!

I enjoy running Murder Mystery events for the same role playing fun! Whether you are strangers or friends it is an opportunity to be someone else, interact with people in a new setting, wear new and interesting costumes, eat amazing food, and solve the who-done-it!

I have a passion for gaming and enjoy planning events! If you are new to gaming or themed events I would be thrilled to introduce you to this fun and entertaining hobby! If you are an old hat then lets put our minds to work together to make your event the most spectacular you have ever experienced!

Organizing these events can be time consuming and can take some of the joy out of participating. Let Dark Phoenix organize, plan, and handle all of this for you and give us the honor of taking the work out of your fun!!!!