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Dark Phoenix is pleased to announce we will be at CARNAGE ROYALE on Nov 4th-6th in Vermont at Killington Grand Resort

This year Dark Phoenix brings the storm to Killington with over 25 games and9 Game Masters for your gaming pleasure.

Running a wide variety of Role-Playing Games, we have espionage, fantasy, horror, steampunk, sci-fi and more!

Stop by our camp in Snowshed, pick up an invite to our Game Master Meet and Greet and see what we can do for your game.

Dark Phoenix fully supports Extra Life at Carnage and many of our Game Masters will be running games to help this worthy cause. Find out more information at http://www.carnagecon.com/2016/06/21/extra-life-at-carnage-royale/


We'd also like to take a moment to give a big thanks to our wonderful Game Master Nik Palmer, known to many as Dr. Nik, for his awesome skills and friendship over the last few years. Nik is relocating soon, make sure you wish him well when you see him at Carnage! He'll be greatly missed by all of us and if you're in the Florida area, he's your go to guy for amazing Game Master services!!



Get ready to step into a fantasy. A fantasy where all you have to do is sit down, suspend belief and be taken to realms unimagined.  We can do it all, from a single GM and an afternoon game for six, to a weekend filled with gaming for you and several dozen of your friends. We have hosted in mansions and in campgrounds. You pick the spot, we'll even handle all the food and service. We have professional GMs ready to game you in your favorite genre.


We offer a variety of themed murder mystery parties for a half dozen to several dozen guests. Let us do all the event planning, catering and set-up. You supply the guests, the costumes of your choice and the cheesy accents. You and your guests will be talking about it for years to come.


Let us excite you and your friends with a one of a kind experience in immersive live action roleplay. We have several LARP games from which to choose for the best in non-combat Live action play. We are currently hard at work at a special project and we hope to have it ready to play soon!