Dr. Nik is on hiatus and living in sunny Florida but fear not he plans on returning, someday. Alas for now he is unavailable.

Dr. Nik has been running games since 1979. He was given a present containing the Red & Blue Boxes of Dungeons & Dragons and two packs of Grenadier miniatures.   More recently he was a winner of the Iron GM regional competition, an ENnie award nominee, and voted as Best Table Top GM of New England Gaming Awards.  Dr. Nik has published a variety of short articles on writing and running games for both print & online websites.   He currently writes & publishes original adventures, rules, & supplements as half of the company paNik Productions.  


Dr.Nik is familiar with a variety of game systems and styles.   His capabilities include: Board Games, Card Games, Live Action Role Playing (Adventure), Live Action Role Playing (Theatrical), and Table Top Role Playing Games.    Some specific systems he can run include: 

1st Edition AD&D

3.5 OGL Fantasy/Modern

Apocalypse World

Call of Cthulhu (multiple versions)

Dr. Nik’s Happy Fun System

Dungeon World

FATE (Accelerated OR Core)


Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP)

Palladium (RIFTS, Heroes Unlimited, Fantasy)



Savage Worlds



Dr. Nik is versed in running mature themed games.   From silly (XXXenophile) to serious (Deadly Seven – paNik Productions), Dr. Nik is comfortable and skilled in providing quality adult content in a positive way.   His approach avoids shocking graphic descriptions and gratuitous titillation.  Instead he concentrates on setting scenes and tones that allow players to fill in details to their level of comfort.  


Dr. Nik is 5’11”, Slight Build, Buzzed Black Hair, Observant eyes, and a placid expression.  He moves with an easy grace of someone trained in physical activity.      His key personal skills are:   Animal Handling (Canine), Business, Gaming, Melee Combat, Public Speaking, and Technical Support.  


Fantasy:  Dr. Nik’s original adventures focus on Ancient Earth High Fantasy (Mesopotamia Bronze Age, Tir Na Nog – Fey vs. Fomori, Rome 150 AD, Ancient China).  His other area of focus is Old School 1st Edition Adventures.  

19th/20th Century Horror Titles:  1863 – Overland Stage, Romanian Vacation, Family Manor, Bed & Breakfast, The Unusual Suspects, Scooby Doo! 

LARP:  Celestial Decision, Nocturne, Stillman Pond

Modern:  all paNik productions modules (in & out of print), GI Joe adventures. 

UNIQUE WORLD BUILDING: Are you looking to start a campaign or build a world?  Dr. Nik has a seminar style world building game that will involve all your players and a few extra friends.  The end result will provide you with a collaboratively developed setting that has rich history, deep content, and ultimate potential.