Ever since I first picked up the Dungen Masters Guide over 20 years ago, more often than not, I have been a Dungeon Master.

Being a Dungeon Master is a load of work and I never get to see my characters rise up in the ranks. So why be a Dungeon Master?

To me, building worlds and telling stories is grand entertainment not work. I really enjoy running games with lots of different people and seeing how those players differ wildly in solving the puzzles and riddles, overcoming beasts and monsters, evil villains and myriadother obstacles. As for seeing my character advance, well instead I watch as all the players advance. And I get to be a part of the background story and foundation as to why the characters all end up the way the do.

 The real point of a game is to tell a story. As a DM, I write a portion of that story, the context and backdrop where the story will happen. The players, they “write” all their actions and dialogues, choices and reactions to the world I portray through encounters, settings and the people and creatures who populate the world. Between the two we should end up with a grand tale full of dramatic engagements, action and intrigue. That is what makes gaming great entertainment. Even for people who don’t consider themselves “Gamers”.

I have run games in all kinds of systems: D&D, AD&D, Boot Hill, Alternity, Shadowrun and Deadlands to name a few. Recently I began exploring the game system of Numenera by Monty Cook and it is amazing. I favor High Fantasy and Sci-fi but really anything is possible. I could write up a game with your specific input and requests, run a pregenerated module, or run a game completely on-the-fly off the cuff!

Roll up characters at the table or my personal favorite I can provide characters complete with background ready to go.

So what are you waiting for? Roll initiative!

Jason Marcure