Given Name: David Clarkson

Origi: Unknown (Self Proliferated Alien Rumors)


Known Crime: Demented World Creation, Genre Crossover Crimes, Moral Ambiguity, Vampire

Proliferation, Elf Breeding, Mage Antagonism, Stargate Manipulation


The being known as David Clarkson arrived in our quadrant in the year of 1968; it is no coincidence that this is a known time of societal upheaval and social readjustment. His malign powers lay dormant until 1980 when Dungeons and Dragons was thrust upon the world stage. Taking to the opportunity to manipulate small lives with no compunction for the consequences, David’s fate was set in vibranium. Quickly gravitating to the fantastic, weird, cyclopian, the comic, the macabre and of course the malign; he saw the RPG subculture through it’s various growing pains. Starting with rules so complex they defied the attempt to have enjoyment (why have your character die in character creation GDW?) he persevered. Upon the launch of White wolf and Chaosium; he know that games were destined for more than simulation, the age of minimizing rules had arrived and he felt ready.