Alex Jackl began gaming at the late age of 18 in 1982 (yes- he is an old guy).   He has been gaming for 34 years and been GMing for 33.  He specializes in multi-year, long-story-arc campaigns.  He is a proponent of story-telling over game mechanics, plot over hack-n-slash, and the self-consistent physics, magic, story, and character behavior over cheap story tricks.


Alex has played systems in most RPG genres, though he tends to gravitate primarily towards epic fantasy, but also espionage, and hard sci-fi.    In 1984 Alex started creating a game with some of his fellow gamers which he ended up calling _Bardic Tales_.  The game was heavy on game mechanics and realism and short on playability except for die-hard rules nerds.    It has mellowed with age and he still runs multiple groups in the system (some of the campaigns are 30 years old).  


Alex continues to GM his system, and he is heavily involved in the Pathfinder Society. Approximately three years ago Alex started doing convention GMing and striving to master "short-form" GMing (4--6 hour one-shots).   Alex's one-shots have gravitated around the Sci-FI Horror genre.  In 2015 Alex won the New England Regional Iron GM Championship at the TotalCon convention, and placed 6th in the GenCon Iron GM World Championship.   At Totalcon Gaming Convention in 2016, Alex once again rose to the top and took first place and was crowned New England Iron GM 2016! He represented us again at Gencon and once again was one of the top contenders.  Alex strives to master the art and science of running games and looks forward to practicing for years to come. 


Alex's goal is to transport you into the world of the game and make sure you have an amazing time that leaves you excited and talking about the story you created together.  He is excited by the opportunity of being a Dark Phoenix GM and collaborating with the incredible master GMs on this team!