Steven’s love of gaming began in 1982 with his discovery of Dungeons and Dragons.  He quickly branched out to other role-playing games including Traveller, Gamma World, Star Frontiers , Top Secret Call of Cthulhu (2nd edition), CyberPunk, and more.  In addition to enjoying rpgs, he created and continues to write modules for a living campaign, TC Realms, which has been featured at local New England gaming conventions for over 10 years.

In 1985 Steven found the miniatures game Battledroids which later would become Battletech and has been playing miniature games since. Battletech was followed by Space Hulk, Man O’ War, Legions of Steel & Full Thrust. He continues to enjoy miniature gaming, preferring non-league games and home brewed events. He also creates his own home brew games by combining systems and minis from one game to be used creatively for new events.   His game library also includes dozens of board games that he has collected over the years.  

His first convention was 1987 in a high school gymnasium in Amesbury Massachusetts. Then in 1988 he found out about Total Confusion, a Massachusetts based game convention, in a Dragon Magazine article and has attended every TotalCon ever since.  In 1991, he started as a volunteer at TotalCon and is now a full senior staff, holding the position of Event Director.  He has also attended and run miniature games at HAVOC, a miniature convention hosted by BattleGroup Boston, for over 30 years.  In 2000 he attended his first GenCon where he was abruptly made a volunteer and has been working there ever since in both the role-playing and miniature departments. In addition, he regularly attends and runs events at several New England conventions and game days every year.  He also has attended fan based conventions like Anime Boston, SmofCon, and ConnectiCon, as well as volunteering at events including multiple official Star Wars Celebrations and AAC.  At home, he hosts  a weekly gaming group that often switches between rpgs, board games, and miniature games.

His preferred style of gaming lends itself well to fast paced short events (3-4 hours) that is typically offered at conventions and game days though he has no issues setting up games that can last all day.  He is known for his sense of fun, improvisation, and larger than life presence around the table and sells out events where ever he goes.  He lives in Rhode Island with his wife, children, and cat.   He also has a great love of film noir, military history, all things science fiction, and fine bourbon.