I started gaming in 1977. I was 12 years old. My oldest brother, who was in college, used to pick me up and we would drive out into the wilds of Taunton and spend the nigh immersed in a fantasy world where the first night I played I died about three times but we fought a DRAGON! I was hooked. I have never looked back. In high school I started a gaming club; in college, well I almost majored in gaming, too bad they didn't have any classes in it!

I got involved in Conventions, specifically Totalcon in Massachusetts, in about 1999. I met my wife there in 2002. We game together, raised our kids gaming, and fully support gaming as a tool for teaching children social interaction, critical thinking and teamwork.

About five years ago, we decided to fully commit our spare time and funds to gaming. We started attending more conventions, meeting people and inviting them to attend private events that we created. Those events have grown to the point now where we have to cap attendance, we just don't have the room for more in the venues we use. We also have started hosting Murder Mystery parties which are quite fun and tend to appeal to a larger audience.

Last year, we started our business, Dark Phoenix Events, with the hope of bringing the best gaming experiences to a much wider audience. I truly feel that others at similar points in life as us want a professional, mature gaming expeience.

I have been writing my own games for over 30 years, mostly for private groups. For about seven years I have been running games at New England Conventions and after running almost every fantasy trope I could think of I primarily write Horror games now, specifically Cthulhu based games. I also enjoy running campy Steampunk games, as I think that genre is new and fresh to gamers and holds a lot of appeal to a wide variety of players .

I work very had to present a full and immersive game and feel successful when I see players from previous games sit back down to roll their fates with me once again.

A few games I am familiar running:

Dungeons and Dragons, Basic and Expert                                         Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5

Pathfinder                                                                                              Call of Cthulhu

Alternity                                                                                                 GURPS

Victoriana                                                                                              Trail of Cthulhu

Top Secret                                                                                             d20 Modern

GammaWorld                                                                                         Fate

Traveller                                                                                                 Deadlands

Brass & Steel: A Steampunk Adventure                                               Fiasco

Airship Pirates                                                                                        Conan, the RPG

And of course, my home brew system, Darklandmagica