A Tale of Two Tables, Part Two

Colleen Nachtrieb

As if on purpose, since I started this journey with the Old Skool Gang and the Adventure Time D&D campaigns, there were scheduling dilemmas. I have run three sessions for the Old Skool Gang and eight sessions for the Adventure Time table. For whatever reason scheduling the Old Skool Gang has been difficult and they won't be able to play until March. They are currently in Chapter Three of the Waterdeep Dragon Heist plot, hot on the trail of the plot line. Meanwhile the Adventure Time table is at the beginning of Chapter Four, but this train has no rails.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time has thrown the prewritten plot to the curb and have seeded themselves deeply into the side quests and personal plots I have thrown at them. It has not been for a lack of trying to tie them back into the main storyline of the Waterdeep Dragon Heist; I have incorporated NPCs from their past, their friends, and even blackmail into the mix to drill home the importance of finding this very large pile of money beneath the city. They simply have no sense of urgency on the matter. At this point any time something ties or loops back around to the main plot, the Players are keenly aware of the attempt. They even go so far as to make jokes, "Oh right the plot line!" whenever the Stone of Glor is mentioned. We all drink our wine/mead/stout, and laugh about it at the table and then gleefully return to murder, mayhem and the occasional shopping trip. Thus far the players have avoided the larger issue at hand but greatly entertained me by:

  • Attempting an insurance fraud scheme involving a runaway carriage and a well positioned leg.

  • Making a deal with the King of Devils

  • Sneaking into the Waterdeep Prison and sought revenge by murdering an assassin before he could go on trial. (This had great fallout)

  • Subverting and then avoiding the Law

  • Confessing to a murder (because they felt bad lying to a truly helpful and kind NPC)

  • Asking to make an Arcana check to determine why a party member was depressed, and failing.

  • Commissioning fancy armor.

  • Harboring a known member of the Zentarim Gang and begining a romantic relationship with her.

The Story Continues

Overall their sessions remind me of running games when I was younger. It's been a wild and sometimes ridiculous journey. When we started this campaign the players stated that all they cared about was getting rich, but over time they have shown there is much more depth to their characters' motivations and goals. Eventually I'm sure they will end this plot, but more importantly they will create their own story that is closely linked to Waterdeep's history. They might even stop harassing elderly men. Unfortunately they also read this blog, leaving me unable to post all the future thoughts I have in store for them. I am concerned about the fourth chapter of the campaign only because it is a long chain of encounters, and in the past this group has not dealt well with chains, rails or following directions.

Both Tables

The Old Skool Gang meets next weekend, and I will put personal hooks into the story we are weaving there as well. I'm hoping to catch them up and end the session at the start of Chapter four. Depending on what Adventure Time does we might continue on after the Dragon Heist into our own campaign of Waterdeep or try the Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Unfortunately because the Old Skool Gang couldn't meet before having to write this blog post I could not put together another side by side comparison, but I hope you've enjoyed some of the journey.