Dark Phoenix Events Update

Hey all, it’s been a great summer where we had several private events, a couple of our all weekend extravaganzas and another awesome Murder Mystery under our belt. Summer ended with another amazing Cthulhu Camping Con, a private event we do for our GMs and friends. This year continued to exceed expectations with all the new games, new Saturday morning cartoons in the woods, amazing food and some of the best gaming around that I get to actually play in.

Coming next we’re heading full tilt into winter Con season, with Carnage in November.  Held at the beautiful Killington Grand Resort, Carnage is a great convention representing all kinds of gaming run by some wonderful people. Check them out at Carnage.com and we hope to see you there. We’ll be running dozens of games and once again will be headlining events for Xtra Life raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Stop on by and say “Hi!” and think about buying raffle tickets. We have some great items for the charity raffle this year!

In August we started a cooperative event with ASKEW (Askewprov.com) the wonderful Bistro and Entertainment Venue in the heart of Providence.  We’ve had two Gamer Café’s now at this awesome location -- which by the way has some kickin’ southern style food -- running a full variety of RPGs from fantasy to horror to Fiasco and DCC’s newest release: the gonzo post-apocalyptic Mutant Crawl Classics.  Join us there for October’s Gamer Café on October 28 for horror themed gaming in honor of All Hallow’s Eve. We’ll be dusting off some old school chilling board games for your gaming pleasure in addition to our RPG tables! Look for our event listings at Dark Phoenix Events on FB!

Looming in the calendar distance is TotalCon XXXIII, scheduled for February 21-24 in Marlborough, MA. TotalCon is our home Con and once again we’ll be there in full force running over 40 games again for you. Preparations are underway for some special treats this year for our players, possibly including a multi table game. Keep watching our site and Totalcon.com for status updates!

We want to thank all of you, our players and fans, who continue to make everything we do more and more fun every year! This could be the year that we run that event you’ve been dreaming of for years. We’re here, we’re ready and would love to make those dreams come true!  Game Hard!