Dark Phoenix Events Update

It had been a busy year for us so far, with lots of new things going on.

It began for us in February at our fantastic home convention, Total Confusion (check them out at totalcon.com). We had full tables of excellent games by our amazing GMs all weekend long! The in March we held a successful and incredibly fun private con for 40 of our closest friends. It ran for four days and gave us many stories to be retold and laughter revisited. In May we ran our annual Murder Mystery event. With a Scottish theme this year, it was crafted entirely by two of our very clever GMs. There were intrigue, plots, backstabbing, death and, of course, kilts! Since then we have had several private games booked by our amazing fans with rave reviews all around. In September we lend our GMing talents to a fresh New England convention called ShireCon. Finally, November will see us at a great Con called Carnage (Carnagecon.com) for a weekend of gaming in the mountains of VT!

We are currently gearing up for Camping Cthulhu Con, another private con (we have to keep those GMs sharp with practice!) held in the woods of New Hampshire. Now in its fifth year, we provide food and games all weekend long for a growing number of attendees. It is the highlight of my year and gaming under the stars is a phenomenal experience!

On the more mundane end we have updated our website, increased our media presence and are working on polishing up the business end of things.

We appeared on MythWits podcast twice and have enjoyed it immensely. Great guys with a cool set up and a funny sense of humor! We are launching a monthly blog feature by our multi-talented GMs featuring wide ranging subject matter and perspectives on gaming, so check it out! We are hoping to get an "Ask the GM” section started for those curious minds that want to delve into the depths of our GMs heads. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Annnnddddddd announcing a cool partnership with Askew restaurant (Askewprov.com) in Providence for a monthly game night starting August 26, 2018. We are incredibly excited and will be offering a variety of games each month! Come down for food, games and great times :)

We continue to dedicate ourselves to a high quality gaming experience with some of the best GMs in New England! Check in with us at darkphoenixevents.com for continued updates and to book your own phenomenal event you will talk about for years!!!